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Chiara Mazzetti

Here's the Artist behind the Art!
I'm Chiara Mazzetti and I live in Italy.

After completing classical studies, I graduated in 2016 at the University of Pisa in Digital Humanities and later I specialized in Graphic Design in a private academy in Milan. After finishing the studies I worked as a Graphic Designer in a historic and famous art gallery and at the same time I designed websites together with my partner.

At the end of 2018 I became interested in calligraphy and lettering, whose arts taught me the patience and the importance of practicing every day. From this point on, the passion for watercolors began almost spontaneously, finding very natural to switch from the calligraphic pen to the watercolor brush.

Through this art I try to express myself and every time I paint I immerse myself completely in the process which starts as a meditative ritual: preparing colors, paper, jars of water, brushes and at the same time visualizing in my mind how to create the painting is something magnificent, I think it's a bit like taking care of myself.

I always try to improve and learn new things! I am convinced that only in this way, together with practice and passion, we can really learn.

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