I want to reveal something about what I’ve worked on in the past few months: a Genshin Impact enamel pin collection ♡

LIVE April 9th, 18:00 CET

I’ve made a selection of 17 characters coming from all of Teyvat’s regions and I designed a pin for each of them in chibi style, I hope you like them!

You will be able to pre-order them at a discounted price through my Kickstarter campaign!

The campaign will be LIVE April 9th, 18:00 CET

“Venti” enamel pin sample

The Pins

The pins are gold plated alloy zinc sized around 3cm (1.2”) each, the actual size may vary slightly due to the characters designs. They have 2 rubber clutches in the back and will come with their own special cardback! The initial goal of 500€ is set to let me start producing the first pin, Yae Miko. If the goal is met and exceeded I will be able to send in for production more designs!

GENSHIN IMPACT ♕ Chibi Pin Collection | Kickstarter banner

Everyone will get some freebies together with their pin. I decided even if it has to be something as little as a card all kickstarter supporters should get something special. If you help me fund this project you should feel I did something FOR YOU in particular. This is why at least one free special card will be sent with every order: the card is going to have one of my artworks in the front and a unique serial number in the back, I will number and sign every card manually. These cards are going to be Kickstarter exclusives. To see more, click the button below!

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform with a “pledge now pay later” system in place. Basically you sign in and pre-order the pins you want at a discounted price. After 3 weeks the Kickstarter ends and if the campaign was funded (in my case 500€ total between all customers) I get paid and you get the rewards, if the campaign did not meet the expectations nothing will be taken from your wallets.

If you see one or more designs you like please consider supporting the campaign early on, even if some or all of the designs are not unlocked yet. This helps the community reach the funding goal and in the end also the unlocks you’re waiting for. Don’t worry, if the campaign does not reach the goal you were waiting for you can always cancel the pledge at any time and nothing will be taken, so it’s risk free!
Thank you for your support

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