Let’s go deep in the second week of Inktober with 7 more works

If you missed the artworks from the first week, you can find the post here. Linked to this you’ll also find the tutorial 😉

Second week | 7 artworks

The second week I added seven more artworks to my series: this time I’m really proud of how “pick” and “tick” turned out.
I started “pick” one night imaging the scene and thinking about how I could explore the prompt and the next morning I managed it and I played with the atmosphere: rays of light spreading around hitting the subject from below. Sometimes taking breaks is the way!
“roof” presents a tricky position and I ended up taking tons of photo references of myself, luckily the result pleases me. I simplified the “roof” with only a triangle and she mimics this shape with her body. At the end of the week I played more with shapes and you’ll find this theme more in the week ahead, so stay tuned!
My less favorite is “stuck” because I find her face not really suitable to the prompt. I wish I made her expression more frowning, she seems relaxed instead.

I made a tutorial of “tick” here in my blog: a step by step detailed process with images! If you check it out let me know in the comments section 🙂

Happy Drawing!