Yvette Chua (@yvecz) is my pick for today’s talent!
If you don’t know what A Year on Talents is here you can find the description of the project: A Year on Talents Project

Yvette is an illustrator based in Singapore, she loves storytelling and the exploration of art through different mediums. Her occupation at the moment is working full time for the future graphic novel she is going to release (approx. summer 2022) and the task is quite huge. While surely being a hard work and requiring a lot of time and effort to be completed, we get the benefit of all the beautiful illustrations Yvette posts and the hype is building up. I love having this sort of “story” in the story to follow, the one in which the artist has to make it to the end, which will be a double pleasant surprise cause it matches with the novel becoming available (something I’ll be sure to not miss!). Besides the actual graphic novel you might or might not like in the end, the art I’m looking at is so adorable I feel like it’s a no brainer, the final product will be top end quality for sure. And after all, browsing through her profiles and website I got enough of a preview that I’m pretty confident the story is going to be as awesome as the illustrations are.

I couldn’t suggest a better project to keep your eyes on in the near future.

In hope you love the artworks as much as I do and considering this novel is the biggest part of Yvette’s work at the moment I feel like commenting and highlighting details in a single piece would be not fair. Their strength after all comes in part from being good drawings, in part from creating the right mood and provoking emotions in the viewer. All of which are pretty personal feelings. So please allow me to just invite you to enjoy “Field of Sunflowers”. It’s so beautiful I’m sure you don’t need this post no longer, you should already be on her website by now!

What do you think about Yvette? Do you also love what’s going on here?
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Twitter: @yvecz_
Website: yvecz.com

I hope you liked it, and see you tomorrow for the next episode!