Another week of Inktober, another step by step tutorial! Featuring the prompt “tick”, one of my favorites.

Tools and Brushes
  • IPad Pro & apple pencil
  • Procreate app
  • Shale brush or Chalk brush (under “calligraphy”)
  • Reference photo (made by myself or from Pinterest, here I create boards with tons of inspiring pics).

1 – Rough sketch

  • I took a photo of myself to get the right pose. Veeery quickly establish the main lines.
  • I made the 2 ticks in the bottom of the picture, to resemble when you read a message in any messaging app.

2 – Refine

  • decrease the opacity of the sketch layer.
  • Create another layer on top.
  • Refine the previous lines and give form to the face.
  • Give more volume to the figure.

3 – Details

  • Use the Chalk Brush and start to draw the main lines in another layer.
  • Pay attention at the pressure you put on your pencil.

4 – Final

  • Add fine lines on the hair and the feature of the face.
  • Darken the ticks to draw the attention.
  • Create the “silk effect” like I showed you in the previous tutorial.

Finally I added one more layer with a paper texture on Multiply.

If you follow along my tutorial please take a picture of it and, post it on social media!
Remember to tag me on Instagram (do it on the photo, not in the caption! This way I won’t miss it) with and put the hashtag #chiaramazzettitutorial.
I’d love to see what you create!

Happy drawing!