What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online learning platform where the students subscribe (monthly or yearly) and get access to ALL the lessons posted there. It’s an awesome place to learn (practically about everything, you’re not boxed into watercolors, you will find whatever you want). If you subscribe through my link I get a bit of support from the Skillshare platform for bringing you in and you get 14 days of free trial of their premium membership. Much like other platforms (Amazon Prime, Netflix etc..) you can try it for FREE and then just say “no” when the trial period expires and you won’t have to subscribe again or pay any money. It’s a great opportunity to watch my class, help me grow as a teacher and learn a lot.

Unleash Your Creativity: 4 Watercolors in 4 Weeks

To give a shake to the lessons and make them more dynamic and fun, I chose a different format for the videos: I will release 1 painting every week for 4 weeks, so you can have the time to complete the artworks at your own pace and then challenge yourself with a fresh new landscape!

At the end of the fourth week you will have four gorgeous watercolors to show, but more importantly you will have a method and the skills to choose your own subjects and paint complicated landscapes using simple shapes, good colors and expressive lines.

In addition, in the “project and resources” section you’ll find downloadable files, drawings and photos I prepared for you! (and I’ll add more during the 4 weeks!)
So, Let’s jump into the class!

Two Brushes for All: Painting Watercolor Sceneries with Essential Supplies

I will teach you to paint three amazing landscapes featuring different places, atmospheres and elements of nature using just essential materials!
I promise you will not need to have an infinite amount of brushes because at the end of the day.. we will only use a few.

I will guide you through my process of painting, starting from the very beginning with a photo reference and analyzing the drawing, moving forward where you will learn step by step all the tips you need to know in order to make a stunning and effective watercolor landscape with breathtaking colors.
With the mix of ink and watercolors your artworks will pop up from the page!

Drawing Facades in Ink and Watercolors

In this course we will have a lot of fun with colors and ink which are a perfect duo to experiment, combined together in a unique style.

We will start by studying a reference photo, analyzing it to take all the information we need to simplify and bring it onto paper.

Then I will teach you to give life to the drawing with expressive and spontaneous lines made with ink and finally we will pick brushes and colors and i will share with you all my tips to paint white walls, grass, trees and details to make colors pop up!

This is an intermediate class and I will not cover all the basics, so if you find it too difficult i recommend you my other classes first, where i go deeper in details about watercolor techniques.

So, let’s pick up all the materials to draw!

Watercolor Landscape – Mountains and Reflections on Water

In this class i will share some simple techniques to paint mountains both in the foreground and in the distance giving the illusion of depth and reflections of trees on the water which will make your painting lively and fresh.

The course will start with practice and exercises: you will learn how to paint confidently the mountains and obtain the effect of aerial perspective; then i will guide you to achieve the realistic feeling of greenery reflected on water and sparkles of the sun on it.

We will finish the class by putting all together composing a beautiful scenery starting from the sketch to the very last details going through mountains, trees and reflections on water with watercolors .

By the end of the lessons you will have all the tools to confidently paint your own watercolor view with elements of nature.

– Let’s paint together! –

Stunning Watercolor Tools and Techniques for Beginners

Today lesson is all about stunning and interesting tools and techniques to give a shake to your watercolor paintings. You don’t need expensive and whimsical materials to create wonderful effects and in this class i’m going to demonstrate it to you!

We will start from the basics which are fundamental for the success of a good painting. Then i will show you how to make amazing textures with actionable exercises so that you will become confident with them and you will be able to step up your new artworks.

At the end i will show you where i personally use all of those tools and techniques in real paintings. I usually apply them on watercolor landscapes but what you will see can be used on any artwork, be it a floral or an abstract and so on…

5 Ways to Improve your Watercolor Landscape

In this class I’m going to share with you some useful tips and tricks i use everyday in my works. You can practice them and improve all your landscapes
I tried to keep the video lessons very short but rich of informations and examples.
You’re gonna see both photo references and real paintings so you can learn the theory and in the meantime see it in action to fix it into your memory. At the end of the class, to round things up, i will guide you to complete a painting where you can apply all the things you just learnt. In the resources section you will find a useful image that you can download and print. It’s a nice graphic to summarize the lesson so you can always keep it with you and give it a look before starting a new painting.

Easy Winter Landscape in Watercolor

Winter is here and i thought it would be great to recreate its mood with watercolors .
In this class you will learn to paint a frozen river surrounded by a forest and a lot of snow! You will only need 4 colors to create this magical atmosphere.
This could be a perfect handmade present for yours loved ones, gift them with a paint for Christmas, it’s original and i think it holds a huge emotional value
Are you in? Let’s go!

Easy Watercolor Landscape

Are you wondering how to paint expressive skies full of colors and clouds? Did your pine trees turn out to be a bit different than you first imagined? I got you covered!
In this class i will show you how to paint skies and trees through exercises and in the end we will put all the techniques together to paint a beautiful landscape in watercolor.
This class is suited for everyone no matter what your starting skills are. I will guide you towards the completion of the painting, explaining my way step by step.
Let’s have some fun!

Paint a typical Tuscanian Landscape

Welcome to my second Skillshare class in which you will learn to paint a typical Tuscanian landscape using watercolors! This class is suited for everyone and I will guide you towards the completion of the painting step by step, carefully talking you through all the techniques and the little tips and tricks I use to get the best out of a painting. With this class i hope to let you savor the Tuscan atmosphere and bring you a piece of this beautiful country. Are you ready? So, let’s get started!

How to Paint Easy Watercolor Seascapes

In this class you will learn to paint two watercolor seascapes. I will teach you how to paint the sky and the sea at different times of the day: daytime and sunset.
During the first few lessons I will go over the supplies needed and then I will show you the basic techniques you’re going to use later with helpful examples you can try out yourself to train. After that you will apply the techniques you just learned to paint the seascapes along with me, step by step.