Kangkan Das (@kangkan_das_g) is my pick for today’s talent!
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Kangkan is a watercolor artist from India. It’s a bit of a throwback for me, but I wanted to remind you and myself that I still love this medium very much! His inspiration comes from nature and the landscapes he paints are gorgeous. He tends to use a lot the dim lights and usually paints covered skies, opening the ability to have some soft reflexes on waters and also using a bit of shading here and there.

Another trait I like a lot is when he’s able to include blurred areas in the canvas, both in the front when the focus is farther away and in the back when the background and the sky are not on the same level of the subject.

The first painting is amazing, I got hooked by the small waterfalls in the front and every detail kept me on this piece for a while after that. It features the blurred background I like and a very good depth level given by the river which is running down. I love the soft lights hitting the water just over the main waterfall.

The second piece is also very cool, this time around a bit of artificial objects appear. They’re not dominating the scene as you can see, the positioning of the house was perfect there on the side. Love to see the paper texture come out and be used to its best by the artist, it makes the painting look very natural.

What do you think about Kangkan? Do you also love what’s going on here?
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