Lara Carson (@lara_carson) is my pick for today’s talent!
If you don’t know what A Year on Talents is here you can find the description of the project: A Year on Talents Project

Lara is an illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada. She paints lots of different things ranging from character portraits to cool sci-fi environments. The trait that for me distinguish her art from the rest is the exceptional use of colors. There are a few paintings here and there that follow the traditional scheme of things but the majority of them sport a good amount of odd choices, neon light colors, transparent tones or overlapping of shapes to create various opacities and crazy good effects. It’s sure I’m attracted by the shiny things I’m not so used to see, but I like them a lot even after the first look, which means it’s not just a non-conventional combination used to capture my focus but a really good match that fits very well instead. That’s what brings it, in my opinion, over the top.

The first image of the snow queen lady is fenomenal, not only the prevalence of light in the artwork fits perfectly in theme but I love both the white “cuts” and the wide range of colors she hid on the hair surface and the sharp collar. If you zoom in you actually get to see the texture those little rainbow scratches create on the art, it’s what from the distance completes the icy feeling so well letting you see the whole spectrum of light reflected on the woman.

The second pic stunned me at first, those glowing flowers revealing the face hidden behind are gorgeous. This painting makes me think about fairies, magic and all that stuff, and it’s all about the colors she used. On IG she also shared a few other images with one highlighting the lineart and let me tell you that particular image is fan-ta-stic! I appreciated a lot all the complexity of the leaves covering the entire art so naturally. I’d suggest you to take a look, it’s totally worth it.

What do you think about Lara? Do you also love what’s going on here?
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