New year, new contents!

Welcome to the new website! My 2020 started with a ton of ideas to develop throughout the year.

First among them all I wanted to restructure the blog in a way it will be able to give you valid, high quality informations on watercolors and art in general.

To achieve this I needed to completely rework the website (which is not in its final form yet, but it finally reached a good point after a few days of work and maintenance!) so that now blog posts are the center of it.
Why blog posts? I thought you all might like Tutorials, Tips&Tricks and Giveaways, so I made them my main categories and focus going forward, but I’m sure some other will find their way in as soon as I can manage to put together a few lines (I’m already thinking about art books and supplies reviews, for example!). Blog posts are easier and quicker than videos for me to produce, and can hold a much bigger value compared to an instagram post or another social media content (I’m not abandoning them, I still think they are awesome, just not the best way to give you what I want. I mean if you made it this far you’ve already proven you are willing to read and learn much more than what can be found in a picture or a story!).

Tutorials will be centered around teaching a skill in a step by step post, full of images and descriptions, to guide you to paint together with me. You can see some examples from the past here.

Tips&Tricks will give you some nice pills to work with, shorter posts focusing on little things that I hope will make your life easier. Many of them took me some time to get into my routine, but now I couldn’t paint without!

And of course Giveaways are going to give you the chance to get materials for free! All year long I’ll be announcing contests for you to participate in.

The blog of course isn’t going to take away space from other activities, I still plan to release more Skillshare classes. I’m thinking I want to fit 8 of them in my schedule this year, and maybe even more. If you don’t know what a Skillshare class is I talk about them here, where you can also find 2 months of free subscription to the platform and access to all the classes I’ve released so far.

The plan is for this blog to grow with me and be some sort of digital diary where I can take notes of everything that touches me or that I learn. This way it’s going to be easier to share everything with you, new experiences, techniques, discoveries, nouances and beautiful paintings!

If you read this far I really appreciate it, YOU are the person I’m doing this for and I should really thank you. If you want to drop a comment and just say “Hi”, or share your thoughts and get in touch with me I’d be more than happy!