Simo Capecchi (@simo_capecchi) is my pick for today’s talent!
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Simo is an illustrator based in Naples, Italy. On top of many other activities she does something she calls “illustrated journalism” or “reportage illustrations” which I find very interesting and we will talk about that in a bit. First I wanted to tell you there’s a very nice project she kept alive for quite some time together with her friend Amanda Roelle: it’s a correspondence diary between the two artists during quarantine times. The project is called “i taccuini della quarantena” (there’s the link down below) and it means “quarantine notebooks”. It recently also became a book so I invite you to follow the link and take a look, they basically kept writing to each other and sketching a lot! From the website you can see and read the posts directly or follow instructions to digitally browse all the pages (or get your copy!)

The first image is the June issue of “DOVE” an Italian travel magazine: Simo does quite a lot of illustrations like this one, think about that as the better version of a photo because the magazine pages sure look fantastic this way, it’s a great opportunity to make them original and even more interesting if you will. Everybody can take a picture but Simo’s view of a particular place is special and unique, you get to see what she decided to focus on, you read her handwritten notes, it’s a great step up in my opinion. I love the style and the final result.

The second picture is so cool! She’s testing her waterproof sketchbook underwater. Yes, you did read it right, it’s waterproof “paper” (well I mean, it’s not really the paper you are probably thinking about, but it works). With this kind of supplies she’s now able to combine two of her favorite activities that were previously excluding each other. On top of it I’m amazed by the results, she draws with her hands below the surface and I bet it’s not easy to do so with the optical illusions water can create. Crazy, and really amazing!

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I taccuini della quarantena:

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