Andrei Riabovitchev (@riabovitchev) is my pick for today’s talent!
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Andrei is an experienced freelance concept artist from Russia, he works in the film and animation industry and mainly posts digital artworks. That’s about it this time, I think I can’t push it any further, cause usually I try to briefly introduce you to the style, the habits or what I like about the artist and their profile but the spectrum this time around is so wide it would be impossible to describe. It’s strange I know, but you’ll find just about everything and the way it’s done and the way it’s proposed will always surprise you. If you’re into NFTs, you like them or you simply want to discover what they are (I also want to look at this world in a more precise way! Will surely do in the future) I’ll suggest you to take a look at Andrei’s IG!

The first image of the woman in the water is truly amazing, “Leda serenity” or water Leda is a fantastic painting in which the game of lights and shadows clashes with the clear pieces and the blurred ones underwater. There’s some mystery hidden in this piece.. and I just love the deep darkness in contrast with the pure skin.

The second pic mesmerized me for two main reasons, first is this figure that was represented in the movement with such great use of layers and shadows, second is the black sun the head is centered onto. It’s part of a bigger project cause it’s not the only painting connected with this symbol, if you’re intrigued like I am you’ll find “some” answers by putting together more informations, like the pieces of a puzzle.. collect them on IG or on his Metaverse gallery.

What do you think about Andrei? Do you also love what’s going on here?
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