Dylan Aiello (@dylanaiello) is my pick for today’s talent!
If you don’t know what A Year on Talents is here you can find the description of the project: A Year on Talents Project

Dylan is a multimedia designer and creative director (and also a musician!) and posts a ton of portraits made in his own unique styles. The best part is there’s almost always a process video to go with them, which makes them all super interesting and a double source of inspiration!

I really like when the artwork is focused on the face of the subject and even more if the background is something abstract or very simple thus leaving the viewer with nothing else to watch but the person’s traits. Dylan does that pretty often and he also picks very interesting colors for the background creating amazing atmospheres and capturing with his art.

The first picture of the girl swimming in a “lake of stars”, as he called it on IG, is stunning! Her hair really look like they’re wet and sticky and the eyes are mesmerizing. I love the small reflections of light on her nose and lips cause they complete the scene in a beautiful way, you get the feeling that it’s dark outside but there are some soft and white lights coming from the moon and the stars, awesome.

The second picture is really cool I find it great to be able to see different styles and colors and approaches all in one. I like them all but I’m really attracted by the first one on top and the one on the bottom left, one because the hair, the eyes and the color of her lipstick are just fantastic and the other one because he dealt with a difficult color palette so well, there’s almost no contrast between the figures and the background yet the shapes are really clear and recognizable, I like it a lot!

What do you think about Dylan? Do you also love what’s going on here?
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I hope you liked it, and see you tomorrow for the next episode!