Fang Pei (@fangpeii) is my pick for today’s talent!
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Fang Pei is an illustrator based in Guangzhou, China. The author of some of the strongest and most expressive landscapes and skies I’ve seen on IG throughout the years. It’s actually the combination of bright colors with good contrast and the perfect light effects that makes it for me, it really gives impressive results.

A constant on the artworks are surely the amazing clouds that most of the times capture my attention, those aren’t fluffy, funny and sweet clouds they’re thick and important, they have a big presence and are the best place to spot all the lights and shadows effects mixed with a different palette every time, just awesome.

The first image is really cool, first of all I like the contrast between the perfect shaped moon and the more realistic clouds in the foreground, second I can’t stop looking at the movement effect the cloud is creating with those dragged strokes. On IG you’ll find all the steps coming directly from procreate to see how this beauty evolved.

The second picture is all about the palette evolving on the cloud thanks to the sun hitting the left upper side, it’s crazy how purple-ish red can turn into bright yellow almost white with such elegance and not feeling strange. I absolutely love all the little shadowy intricacies giving a realistic shape to the cloud. If you zoom in you’ll also see how well placed the birds are, they’re all different and help a lot to clear a bit the darkest side of the cloud.

What do you think about Fang Pei? Do you also love what’s going on here?
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