Indi (@indicreates) is my pick for today’s talent!
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Indi is a digital artist and fantasy illustrator, she manages a ton of “virtual” profiles which for those who don’t know or maybe never tried is definitely not virtual.. it’s hard, it’s real, it’s a hell of a lot of work you can believe me! So let’s start by saying I admire all the effort she puts into this and the fact that she likes to do it and tailor it all towards her followers and fans, publishing a lot of interesting material to teach, guide and help fellow artists.

Her favorite subject are fantasy style women from all sort of “worlds” featuring different costumes and cultures. Sometimes you’ll spot a few not so humanlike traits cause the fantasy style allows her to highly customize the aspect of the figures, I think it’s great it brings diversity to the models.

The first image is a beautiful illustration of Shiza, one of the first characters Indi designed and still paints up to these days. She has her own full story in mind where Shiza can live, and it takes place in a different wolrd. I’d say this fact of a new world she was trying to convey with the painting got to me pretty quickly when I saw this wonderful canvas. There are colors, traits and details I couldn’t connect with any of the cultures I know of, which led me to imagine she is living in a completely “new” environment almost immediately. Good job!

The second pic is also about an old character of her, it’s Lina this time. I love how she let the art flow through here using brushes, strokes and colors that compared to her usual style look a bit more on the “free” side of things. The red dominance with those yellow spots of brightness made this a very good painting in my opinion. Awesome stuff.

What do you think about Indi? Do you also love what’s going on here?
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