This month I worked on something veeeery special for you  and I can’t hold it for myself any longer! Are you ready for some creative revival time?

The Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop is about to start on March 23rd!

That means it’s time to gather your art supplies, get your sketchbooks ready, and join a global community of creativity enthusiasts feeling the call to let loose.

We’ll be having fun and try new things while we…

  • explore different ways of filling up our sketchbooks
  • show up and say yes to our creativity
  • get new ideas and tons of inspiration
  • build momentum and find our flow
  • revitalize our creative practices and ourselves!

I can’t wait for this year’s workshop! Last year over 20,000 joined! We’ll be filling our sketchbook pages to inspire and grow our practices. Sessions are led by accomplished artists, illustrators, art journalers, painters, mixed media artists and art therapists (to name a few) from around the world, including me!

In my session we’re going to paint a winter scenery with a frozen lake in watercolor. Together we will use an uncommon tool to achieve a particular (and very effective) texture: in fact we will use a cling film!
The goal for my workshop is to make sure that you people experiment on your creative practice with “tools” around you. I hope in this way you will think out of the box and change perspective of seeing things!

The best part about the workshop is that it’s easy to join. No need to travel anywhere, book any tickets or rearrange your schedule. You can fit the workshop into your regular life and enjoy the sessions from the comfort of your own home, without spending a cent – it’s COMPLETELY FREE!

So won’t you join us? There’s no better time than now to revive your practice with fresh inspiration, new ideas and tips from the experts.