Surendra Rajawat (@suren.rajawat) is my pick for today’s talent!
If you don’t know what A Year on Talents is here you can find the description of the project: A Year on Talents Project

Surendra is a freelance concept artist, he works for the video game and film industries and his focus are the environments. Most of his artworks are digital paintings of landscapes, cityscapes or just spaces in general, where sometimes a subject appears as a protagonist sometimes not. There are a ton of different settings in his IG feed, he changes palette every time, he frequently changes the point of view, sometimes there’s more nature some other times it’s all about a modern or sci-fy futuristic city. So besides the awesomeness of the artworks I guess what you could find on his profile is certainly a wide variety of non stop environments that would perfectly fit in all your favorite games (I’ll go as far as saying probably some of the works would be perfect for tabletop games too, as illustrations on cards, rulebooks, storylines and so on).

Aiming to find a few versatile brushes on his procreate app Surendra painted the first artwork of the tree and the path using just one brush! It’s spectacular to see what he was able to achieve without changing the brush, just by looking at the result there would be no way to tell. On the painting itself I think the strings of light hitting the wood are fantastic, they make it look super realistic.

The second image is one where he tried to use the symmetry function to its best and when you see it you can’t un-see anymore! There’s also a big role in the non symmetric parts of the artwork in fooling the observer’s eyes and mind into thinking symmetry has nothing to do with the piece here. So this is why I love the tree brach coming out in the foreground and the umbrella, they’re enough to hide the secret. The snow falling is super cool by the way, wonderful effect.

What do you think about Surendra? Do you also love what’s going on here?
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