Anna Hurley (@itsannahurley) is my pick for today’s talent!
If you don’t know what A Year on Talents is here you can find the description of the project: A Year on Talents Project

Anna is a freelance illustrator from California, she loves to draw and use bright colors on her artworks. If a character shows up on the canvas (both human figures and not) there’s a high chance of it being happy, joyful and in the case of animals super cute and “squeeze-me begging”.

The majority of her illustrations are made with simple and colored flat shapes on a monochromatic background. She knows when to use a contrasting color and when to keep it harmonious. This style greatly improves the focus you can put on the subject and also makes for some memorable images, quite literally I mean, the fact that the protagonist is usually the only thing in the center of the art and it’s made with a very clear composition of shapes helps a lot into making it “yours” and thinking you know it already.

The first image is one of the illustrations she shared with her followers as part of a printable Valentine’s Day set of cards. Together with it she also published a sticker pack you can use in your stories by searching for “@ithannahurley” in the sticker search bar, there are animals and flowers and they’re all animated and soooo lovely (of course they are, Love was the main theme here!). Adorable stuff, you don’t wanna miss those.

The second pic was an illustration Anna made for lunar new year obviously featuring a red Ox. She also said she was gonna wear red for a week for good luck so nice! I like all the food she painted and also the fact that the Ox is smelling it and looks very much approving. Wonderful illustration, the choice to add those bright blue spots was also great! Love this one.

What do you think about Anna? Do you also love what’s going on here?
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