Chris Chatterton (@chatterton1) is my pick for today’s talent!
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Chris is an illustrator and author, he started his career in graphic design and animation and later switched a bit more towards the children’s book market as a freelancer. He does illustrations and writings too sometimes, mixing a bit of both the things needed to create the wonderful books you see on his profile. He started out with “Gus”, his own picture book story, and now you can find a lot of cool illustrations following that up.

It’s amazing how every animal can be turned into a little joyful ball and I think Chris’ main quality is exactly to be able to deliver such experience every time. I see the pics and I want to be a kid again to ask mom to read the story, they’re just too cute. He shared a bunch of “Ten minutes to bed” covers on his feed and I’m in love with all of them.

The first image is nothing less than one of the covers I was talking about. This baby dragon is so happy, spits fire and is of the most beautiful colors it could’ve been. Might be a little detail by I like the blue line of “hair”, at least as much as I like the dark bubbles on its back giving it a texture and a realistic feeling. Can you even talk about realistic feeling on a dragon? I guess so, I mean it does look more real to me this way!

The second image is yet another 10 mins to bed sneak peek, this time focused on showing how the sketch to final piece transformation looks like. I have to say the way he used colors is impressive, there’s a lot of depth in the final piece that was hard to tell from the sketch. I think he used layers and light at full potential here and created a wonderful artwork. As always, the animals are so lovely, plus it’s Little Unicorn’s birthday so: happy birthday!

What do you think about Chris? Do you also love what’s going on here?
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